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dog ear infection

Dog Ear Infections: Everything You Need to Know

There are many possible causes of dog ear infections. Ear infections can be painful for your pup, so getting them to the vet is essential to get them treated right away. The longer the ear infection goes untreated, the worse it can become. Dogs are more predisposed to ear infections than humans due to the…

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closeup of dog in pain

What Are the Common Signs of a Dog in Pain?

You should watch for signs if you think your dog is in pain. Your pup may be having trauma due to an injury. They could be struggling to tell you they hurt, by demonstrating certain behaviors. Dogs sometimes hide their pain, but there are ways to know if they are uncomfortable. Sometimes there are changes…

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can cats see in the dark in antioch, ca

Can Cats See in the Dark?

Have you ever heard the myth that cats can see in the dark? If so, you’re not alone—many people hear this supposed fact about cats and they believe it. However, the truth is that cats can’t really see in the dark in any meaningful way. Of course, there’s more to a cat’s vision than just…

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dog showing love in antioch, ca

6 Ways Dogs Show Love in Antioch, CA

Most dog owners want to believe their dog loves them. If you’re the same way, you’re not alone, but it can be difficult to tell how your dog really feels about you. In order to do so, you should brush up on dog body language and dog love languages as well. In this article, we’ll…

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why do dogs howl in antioch, ca

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Do you have a dog who howls? Have you ever stopped to wonder why they might be doing this? Many dogs howl, but most dog owners aren’t quite sure why. Howling may have a variety of different causes depending on the situation, and it’s important to learn how to recognize these causes in your dog.…

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Fear Free Veterinary Visits for Dogs

Is your dog nervous when visiting the veterinary hospital? It can be an understandable reaction. If they don’t go often, the unfamiliar environment and people can be scary. If they do go often they might have associations with unpleasant procedures, and we can’t use words to explain why we need to poke them with needles.…

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Fear Free Veterinary Visits for Cats

Most cats have some nervousness when visiting the veterinary hospital. Unlike dogs, cats rarely enjoy car rides and don’t usually visit fun places like dog parks or a friend’s house. In fact, they generally do not like to leave their personal territory. Fortunately, we have many techniques that can help lower their fear and anxiety…

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dog scratching in antioch, ca

Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching?

Dog owners are used to seeing their dogs scratch fairly often. However, you know your dog best, and you can tell when they are scratching more than normal. If this happens suddenly, you may find yourself wondering what the underlying cause is. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why your dog might…

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kennel cough in antioch, ca

Kennel Cough

Are you concerned your dog might have kennel cough? Kennel cough is a common illness in dogs, especially in those who have been around other dogs in close quarters recently—hence the name. It can be caused by a few different types of bacteria, but they all lead to similar symptoms. In this article, we’ll walk…

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foxtails in antioch, ca

Why Are Foxtails Dangerous to Dogs?

Have you ever heard of foxtails? Even if you haven’t heard them called by this term, you’ve probably seen them. Foxtails are a type of long grass that often grows alongside roads or in fields that aren’t regularly maintained. It grows tall and has long, brown, feathery cones on the ends of each individual stalk.…

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