6 Ways Dogs Show Love in Antioch, CA

Most dog owners want to believe their dog loves them. If you’re the same way, you’re not alone, but it can be difficult to tell how your dog really feels about you. In order to do so, you should brush up on dog body language and dog love languages as well.

In this article, we’ll give you six ways your dog might be showing their love for you. Look for these behaviors and see if you can pinpoint them or any others that might let you know more about your dog’s feelings toward you. Call Antioch Veterinary Hospital today at (925) 7572800.

dog showing love in antioch, ca

Friendly Eye Contact

Eye contact is meaningful to dogs in much the same way that it is to humans. Dogs may not feel comfortable with eye contact until they are very close with their owners. If your dog is willing to make friendly eye contact with you, this means they trust you and like being around you.

Eye contact may also be aggressive in dogs. Check for other signs and body language to let you know which type of eye contact your dog is displaying. If they are happy or calm, then there’s no reason to be concerned—and every reason to believe your dog loves you.

Snuggling and Sighing

If your dog lays down next to you, relaxes, and sighs happily, this means they love you as well. This sign means your dog feels safe with you and feels like they are a part of your family.

Dogs may also sigh at other times, even when they aren’t laying close to you. No matter what, if your dog is sighing contentedly, this is a good indication that they feel very comfortable wherever they are. They’re probably about to settle down and enjoy a great nap, too!


Everyone knows “giving kisses” is a sign that your dog likes you, but did you know it’s part of your dog’s love language for a reason? In packs, dogs lick the faces of those they see as higher than them socially. If your dog is trying to lick your face all the time, it means they think they are a part of your family and respects you as the one in charge.

Licking may be undesirable to some pet owners. However, keep in mind that this is a perfectly normal behavior in your dog, and licking as a sign of love should not be completely disregarded.

Leaning Calmly

Have you ever experienced your dog standing right next to you and leaning against your legs heavily? This is another sign that they love you and want to be close to you. Your dog feels comfortable in your presence and wants to show you that. Some pet behavior specialists recommend viewing this behavior as something similar to a hug from your dog.

Of course, dogs may also do this when they feel nervous or stressed. You should be able to tell by your dog’s other body language whether or not they’re leaning out of love or leaning because they want you to protect her.

Belly Rubs

When your dog rolls over onto their back and put their paws in the air, they’re probably asking for a belly rub. However, this also means your dog trusts you completely and knows you’re not going to hurt them while she’s in such a vulnerable position.

This position—and the accompanying belly rubs—are one of the most important ways to tell whether or not your dog loves you. If they are comfortable and safe enough to lay on their back around you, then they fully respect and trust you, and they want you to know it.


Finally, if your dog often greets you at the front door with excitement when you return home, this is another sign that they love you. Dogs who are indifferent to their owners aren’t usually that excited to see them when they get back, so consider your dog’s door greetings as another love statement from your furry friend.

While it’s true your dog might also be waiting for you to feed them when you get back home, they’re also happy to see you. This happiness means they love you and look forward to every chance they have to be around you!


It’s important to remember that dogs do not show love the same way humans or other animals do. If you’re expecting your dog to show love like another creature might, you may be disappointed. However, if you learn how to look for the signs of love from your dog, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re still having trouble with your relationship with your dog, it might be time to work with a professional trainer. A trainer can give you more instruction about your dog’s body language and help you discover even more about your pet along the way.