Benefits of Dog Grooming in Antioch, CA

Have you ever taken your dog to the groomer? Or do you feel like it’s a waste of time, money, and effort? Do you ever find yourself wondering just why you should bother taking your dog to a groomer or grooming them at home?

If so, you’re not alone! Many dog owners struggle with trying to decide whether to go to the groomer or to learn how to groom their own dogs. There are many important reasons why you should keep your dog regularly groomed, and why it’s important to keep up with their hygiene throughout their life as part of your family. Learn more by reading the reasons below. If you still have questions, call Antioch Veterinary Hospital at (925) 7572800.

dog grooming in antioch, ca

Healthier Dog

There are many ways grooming helps improve your dog’s overall health. For example, when your dog goes to the groomer, they have their ears cleaned and the fur in their ears trimmed, too. This helps cut down on the risk of ear infections, which can in turn help prevent your dog from losing their hearing as they get older.

Dogs that are regularly groomed also enjoy healthier teeth. Grooming involves teeth cleaning, and regular dental care can help prevent dogs from suffering dental disease and decay as well as heart or kidney disease.

When dogs have regular grooming visits, it’s more likely that skin problems may be caught sooner rather than later. You or your groomer may notice lumps or other problems that need to be checked out by the veterinarian quickly.

Finally, dogs that go to the groomer have their anal glands expressed professionally. This can reduce the amount of “scooting” you see your dog doing as they try to scratch their behind. It’s also much healthier for dogs to have their anal glands expressed and can prevent pain and other issues. Dogs whose anal glands are not expressed (either naturally or by a professional) may suffer from an abscess which requires surgery and antibiotics to treat.

Better Smell

Having a bath helps your dog smell better. When they are bathed and cleaned, the old, dead skin cells wash away and dirty, loose fur is brushed away as well. Even if they aren’t washed with a scented shampoo, they will still smell naturally better than they did before their grooming session.

If your dog becomes dirty or smelly, then it’s time to give them a bath. Even if you don’t do any other dog grooming, consider bathing your dog at least once a month—or more if they need it!

Flea Treatment

If your dog has fleas, your groomer may be one of the first ones to notice the problem. Flea eggs and flea dirt become apparent on dogs sooner than fully-grown fleas in most instances. You may not regularly look closely at your dog’s skin or the deeper layers of their fur, but your groomer will.

If your groomer notices signs of fleas, they will likely give your dog a flea bath or a flea treatment. If not, you should schedule a vet visit to get the problem taken care of right away.

No More Matts

Dogs with long fur may have matts in their fur, which come from their long fur growing too much and becoming tangled. These matts may become very large and tug badly on your dog’s skin. They may have pain or irritation from the presence of too many matts.

Matts can also trap bacteria close to a dog’s skin and cause abscesses or lesions on the skin. They may lead to fungal infections and a variety of other health problems. When your dog has regular grooming appointments, however, matts can be brushed or washed out, or cut out in severe instances.

Less Shedding

Dogs shed no matter how much hair they have, although long-haired dogs naturally shed more than short-haired dogs do. When your dog sheds, things get messy. There’s no way to completely prevent your dog from shedding, but if you groom them regularly, they will shed much less.

Regular brushing and washing of your dog’s fur and skin helps their coat look shinier and stay healthier. This, in turn, cuts down significantly on the amount of shedding, even during the hotter parts of the year.

Less Foot Pain

When your dog’s toenails grow too long, it’s time to trim them. Some dogs will tolerate an at-home toenail trim, but others won’t let anyone do it without some professional intervention. If your dog’s toenails are too long, they may have significant foot pain when they walk on them.

Too much foot pain for too long will cause your dog to walk strangely to avoid putting too much pressure on their toenails. Over time, this may cause problems with their bones and joints. It can lead to arthritis as well as posture issues that may cause even more body pain in the long run.

Nicer Appearance

Last but not least, your dog will have a better appearance when they’re regularly groomed! If you enjoy taking your dog out to public places with you, walking them around other people, or visiting friends or family with them in tow, then it’s important to make sure they look their best whenever possible. Of course, you may also want to do this for your own benefit, too, since you spend the most time with them!

Keeping your dog groomed can help their appearance remain clean and neat, and it can also improve their overall hygiene. Whether you’re trying to impress anyone else with your dog or not, it’s important to keep this benefit in mind.

There may be even more reasons why you want to consider grooming your dog regularly. Of course, this decision is entirely up to you, and there are plenty of pet owners who groom their dogs as well as plenty who don’t. However, it’s important to keep in mind just how many benefits your dog will enjoy if you take time to groom them or take them to the groomer in Antioch for regular visits. You may be surprised at just what a difference a little grooming really makes!