Treating and Managing Cat Arthritis in Antioch, CA

Cats are experts at hiding signs of pain and sickness, so if you ever notice changes in your feline’s behavior, they might be experiencing considerable pain from arthritis. Cat arthritis occurs in much the same way as human arthritis, with joint inflammation and the breakdown of cartilage, which results in chronic pain and a diminished quality of life. A study conducted in 2011 on 100 cats indicates over 60% of cats ages 6 and up are affected by arthritis. While the effects of arthritis in cats cannot be reversed, your pet’s symptoms and quality of life can be improved with treatment prescribed by your veterinarian.

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Signs Your Cat Might Have Arthritis

Does your cat exhibit any of these signs? They might be experiencing arthritis pain. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment so we can examine your pet and make a diagnosis.

  • Hesitating before jumping up/down
  • Missing jumps
  • Running less/moving more slowly around the house
  • Ears held flat and pointing outwards
  • Head tilted downwards
  • Taking breaks going up/down the stairs; taking steps one at a time
  • Slowing down or stopping early during playtime
  • Overall lack of energy/enthusiasm

Diagnosing Your Cat’s Arthritis

To know for sure whether your cat has arthritis, we need to perform a physical examination and possibly do X-rays to confirm their diagnosis. We will also have questions for you about your pet’s daily habits. It’s important to observe their behavior from day to day and watch for changes. Filming your cat on your phone can also help us understand their condition better.

Making Arthritis Manageable for Your Cat in Antioch, CA

Arthritis may not be curable, but its effects can be greatly reduced with the proper treatment plan. Pain relief plays an important role in making daily life for your cat much more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition to oral medication, our hospital also offers laser therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Depending on your pet’s unique circumstances, some lifestyle changes may also be required to make their life better.

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