Conquering Cat & Dog Allergies in Antioch, CA

Your pet has been chewing and scratching at themselves for the last several days. Could they be allergic to something?

Cat & dog allergies certainly exist, and they can be a frustrating experience for pets and their families. If you’ve hit a wall trying to manage your pet’s symptoms, talk to us! Antioch Veterinary Hospital has helped many pets find relief and keep their allergies under control. We offer a variety of therapies to soothe and heal inflamed, itchy skin. Call us today at (925) 757-2800.

With our help, your pet can find relief from their allergy symptoms.

Know Your Pet's Allergy Symptoms

Sneezing and scratching are two common symptoms of pet allergies, but they are not the only ones. Others may include:

  • Swollen ears
  • Red, swollen areas of the skin
  • Dry, scaly patches of skin
  • Hot spots
  • Missing fur and bald spots
  • Missing fur between the toes (pets with allergies often chew and lick at their feet)
  • Runny eyes and a runny nose
  • Redness around the eyes

What Can Pets Be Allergic To?

Dogs (and occasionally cats) can be allergic to all kinds of things, such as:

  • Human dander
  • Grass
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Fleas
  • Chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, pork, wheat, and dairy
  • Cleaning products
  • Synthetic fabrics
kitten scratching it's ear

How We Can Help Your Pet

We can’t diagnose an allergy simply by looking at your pet. Other conditions can cause similar symptoms, such as fungal infections and autoimmune disorders. To know for sure that your pet has an allergy, we will need to:

  • Examine your pet from head to tail
  • Perform blood work and send out a sample for allergy testing
  • Check skin samples
  • Ask questions about your pet’s diet, lifestyle, and other factors that may be contributing to their problem

Narrowing down all possible options will get us closer to diagnosing and treating your pet. We’ll answer all of your questions and explain each step so that you fully understand their condition and what we can do to help. Don’t lose hope—your pet’s condition is treatable, and relief is possible—for them and for you. Call us at (925) 757-2800 today!