Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Antioch, CA

Take a moment to lift your pet’s lip and look at their teeth. What do you see?

If your pet has bad breath and brownish residue stuck to their teeth, that’s a sure sign that they need a dental treatment routine. Antioch Veterinary Hospital offers everything a pet needs for excellent pet dental care, and we’re 100% dedicated to making that possible for all of our patients. Call us at (925) 757-2800 to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning today!

Can't stand your pet's bad breath? Bring them in for a dental exam.

looking in dogs mouth

Other Signs Your Pet has a Dental Problem

If you are unable to get a good look at your pet’s teeth, keep an eye out for these changes:

  • Dropping food while eating
  • Drooling more than normal
  • Laying around/sleeping more often
  • Eating less
  • Losing weight
  • Pawing or rubbing at the mouth
  • Avoiding their chew toys or playing tug-of-war games

How We Clean Teeth and Treat Dental Disease

Without treatment, dental disease will only get worse. Its effects can eventually spread to other parts of the body, causing systemic illness and damaging the heart, kidneys and liver.

To combat this problem, our veterinarians and technicians provide professional teeth cleaning services while our patients are under anesthesia:

  • A thorough exam of all your pet’s teeth
  • Digital dental X-rays to look for issues below the gum line such as abscesses, tooth fractures, and bone loss
  • Hand and ultrasonic scaling to remove calculus (hardened tartar) from the surfaces of the teeth
  • Extractions to remove broken, loose, or decayed teeth*
  • Sealants to keep the tooth enamel smooth and prevent plaque attachment

*We use nerve blocks and provide additional pain relief medication after the procedure to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

dog teeth cleaning in antioch, ca

Why Pet Teeth Cleanings and At-Home Care are Important

Keeping your pet’s teeth sparkling clean at home means you can prevent gingivitis and dental disease altogether, and your pet can go longer between dental procedures at our hospital.

We highly recommend brushing your pet’s teeth when they are young so they become familiar with the practice. If you need help or have questions about which products to use, let us know! Each pet is different and may require a different approach to treatment. We can help you find a method that suits your pet best.