Spay and Neuter in Antioch, CA

Spay and neuter surgeries are a very important step in your pet's care, and can have a significant impact on their future health. Additionally, the pet population of Antioch benefits from fewer unwanted pregnancies and dogs and cats being brought into shelters, where they may or may not be adopted. Fewer strays and less-crowded shelters mean more animals in loving homes where they belong.

Is it time to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter surgery?

spay and neuter in antioch, ca

How Does Spaying or Neutering Help My Pet?

Every pet is different; there's no set list of benefits we can guarantee for each individual. However, there are a few health and behavioral changes veterinarians and pet parents alike have observed since spaying and neutering became common practice.

With better behavior and a lower risk for life-threatening diseases, your pet can live a happier, longer life with you.


  • Pregnancy is entirely prevented with spaying.
  • Female dogs and cats will not go into heat after they have been spayed.
  • Pyometra is a severe infection of the uterus that may occur in non-spayed females. After surgery, there is no risk of an infection.
  • After being spayed, female dogs and cats are also much less likely to roam in search of a mate.
  • Breast cancer becomes a much smaller risk.


  • Neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer, and reduces the risk of developing an enlarged prostate.
  • Aggression caused by higher levels of testosterone can also be reduced after a neutering procedure.
  • Like females, males are less likely to go roaming to look for a mate, a situation that could also put your pet at risk of getting attacked by another animal or hit by a car.
  • Certain behaviors, like spraying, marking, and mounting, can also be reduced.

Can Spay or Neuter Be Harmful for My Pet?

Every surgery brings potential risks, but overall, spay and neuter procedures are safe and highly beneficial to pets. Furthermore, before any surgery, we examine our patients and do blood testing to make sure they’re healthy. If your pet has any health problems to speak of, we’ll postpone their surgery and focus on making them well again. Give us a call at (925) 757-2800 to discuss when to spay or neuter your pet.