Pet Wellness Plans in Antioch, CA

Good health takes effort, and even our pets, with their boundless energy and zest for life, need a little extra help. Pet wellness plans are both a jumping-off point and a routine checkpoint for assessing and improving your pet’s health. When you bring your pet to Antioch Veterinary Hospital for cat and dog exams, expect a thorough checkup, care suggestions, and a thoughtful discussion about potential health problems and how to prevent them. Call us at (925) 757-2800 to schedule your pet's wellness visit today!

What Wellness Plans Involve

Your pet’s preventative wellness care plan has many different parts, all of which work together to protect your pet from illness and keep them strong and healthy.

  • Cat and dog exams, which help us establish baseline values we can compare with future exams
  • Blood, fecal, and urine testing to check for parasites, disease, and other infections
  • Vaccinations for your pet's core and lifestyle needs
  • Parasite prevention
  • Nutritional counseling and weight management
  • Teeth cleaning recommendations

Helping Your Pet Stay Well

Due to their faster metabolism and shorter life span, our pets grow old much faster than us. And because they age quickly, their health can change rapidly from one year to the next. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends annual physical exams for pets so we can keep their health in check, and be in a better position to help if a problem arises.

We offer Puppy and Kitten Wellness Packages so your pet can start their life on the right paw.

Puppy Wellness Care

Our Puppy Package is a complete, discounted healthcare package for puppies 8 weeks and up. It ensures that they receive all the necessary treatments to give them a healthy start in life.

  • Free exams (until 5 months old)*
  • Complete vaccine series:
    • 3 DHPP
    • 2 Leptospirosis
    • 2 Bordetella
    • 2 Canine flu
    • Initial 1-year rabies
  • 2 Dewormings
  • 2 Fecal Floatation Tests
  • 1 Heartworm Test (at 6 months)
  • 10% discount for the year on:
    • Spay and neuter
    • ProHeart injection
    • Microchip
    • Hill’s Science Diet Growth Formula
    • Additional lifestyle vaccines
      • Lyme
      • Rattlesnake venom vaccine
  • 1 month dose of flea preventative
  • Informative pamphlets

*Exams do not include medication or treatment charges. There may be extra charges for non-appointment exams, and all puppy packages must be pre-paid and are non-refundable.

Kitten Wellness Care

Kittens need plenty of care at an early age to protect them from illness and other hazards to their health. Our Kitten Package offers comprehensive care at a discounted price so they can begin life on a healthy note.

  • Free exams (until 4 months old)*
  • Complete vaccine series:
    • 3 FVRCP
    • 1-year rabies (Pure-vax)
  • FeLV/FIV Combo Test
  • 2 Dewormings
  • 2 Fecal Floatation Tests
  • 10% discount for the year on:
    • Spay and neuter
    • Microchip
    • Revolution flea preventative
    • Hill’s Science Diet Growth formula
  • Small bag of Hill’s kitten food
  • 1 dose of Revolution
  • Informative pamphlets

We also recommend the Leukemia Protection Package:

  • For indoor/outdoor kittens: 2 FeLV vaccinations (for feline leukemia virus)

*Exams do not include medications or other treatment charges. Package must be pre-paid and is non-refundable. Leukemia package can only be purchased with the Kitten Wellness Package.